Sony Stocks rise after Xbox One reveal

There is no denying, even if you’re the biggest Xbox fan, the reveal of the Xbox One was a little underwhelming. This is has played well for Sony as their shares went up!

Sony’s share price, which had fallen 1.23 per cent prior to the announcement had risen 2.42 per cent in after hours trading meaning the share price is now valued at £14.82. This is a significant rise for the PlayStation Maker

The trouble with the Xbox one announcement was that it was second best. We’ve already seen great graphics and new tech with the PS4, whose presentation showed off a lot more games where Microsoft used the reveal presentation to talk more about TV than games.

The continued backlash from the Xbox One announcement is sure to please PlayStation fans as E3 looms large, the gloves are really going to have to come off if either company hope to grab gamers hard-earned cash later this year.

But never fear Microsoft shares also saw a rise ad did Activision following the first gameplay trailer for their new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty Ghosts.

Let us know your thoughts on the Xbox One, where you impressed with what you saw?

Author: Paul Collett Founder of HeyUGuys Gaming. I love gaming and have been gaming since 1982 when my dad bought home the ZX Spectrum. I'm also a graphic designer and now it seems a writer. always best to keep your mind busy right?