The HeyUGuys Gaming Xbox One Opinion Round-up.

The (Xbox) One with the split opinion…

Never before has a big console announcement split the opinion of the HeyUGuys Gaming team like the Xbox One has. The debate on whether it is actually any good raged late into the night and we have still not come to a conclusion.

We would normally have a single opinion piece on big news like this, because normally we would all agree that the product is either great, poor or middling. On this occasion, though, the entire team is on different part of that spectrum. To represent our splintered opinion, we have each submitted a few paragraphs and rounded them together for your viewing pleasure.

Lets start on a positive note, with the thoughts of Craig Green, who felt the Xbox One unveiling was encouraging and he enjoyed what he saw:

[quote]Personally I think that the Xbox Reveal was to show certain aspects of their vision, unlike Sony of who delved into a bit of everything and didn’t show a console Microsoft have shown the console, the vision, what the specs are and the partnership with EA and Call of Duty ghosts. Forza 5 was shown and the new TV series HALO made by Spielberg was also unveiled..thus leaving E3 for the Price and release date and more importantly about games!

The name Xbox One isn’t a name everyone had predicted but it is all about everything in One console and who knows how long this next generation will span over but it is clear Cloud aspects of both consoles appear to be the main focus in the future.

Microsoft however will need to be very clear on the pre owned fee and how that will work but Sony have not said anything yet and it might be that Going in first with the announcement will be the honest way and if Sony do the same then we must embrace it,if they don’t then the PS4 might get the boost.[/quote]

Next up is our Editor in Chief, Ross Keniston, who felt that the reveal was on par with his expectations and has high hopes for E3:

[quote]The Xbox One reveal to me, was exactly what I thought it was going to be. We knew we weren’t going to see many games and yet we complained to high heaven about it anyway. We knew Microsoft are focusing on making ‘Xbox’ the only brand you need in your living room and yet we persecuted them for it anyway.

In terms of the console, it’s a very attractive device. I’m mightily impressed with the new design and the controller looks like a dream come true. I’m so happy they haven’t gone too far from the original formula.
It seems a shame that most have already written off the console completely because of the lack of games, that isn’t what this conference was about. They’ve revealed the console, shown what it can do – E3 is for the major games push. My word, they better knock it out of the park at E3 otherwise they’re going to get slaughtered.
I’m all for Xbox One. It has huge potential, and with recent rumours been quashed (almost), the future looks very bright for Microsoft’s new system. [/quote]
Similarly, another of our writers, Rich Higton, was impressed by what he saw but won’t be commiting to either of the next-gen consoles until he has seen what is announced at E3:
[quote]After watching the unveiling twice I have found I have become more and more impressed with Microsoft’s new console. However it remains to be seen whether the functionality of Xbox One is as good as it was made out in the presentation. I am a fan of the design and the updated pad looks lovely and I am genuinely excited by the prospect of Xbox one. However I won’t be making a firm decision on where my allegiance lies until we see some more games at E3.[/quote]

Our Community Manager, Kevin Jordan, hit upon a good point that not all of Europe has a great internet connection, and the “Once every 24 hours” online connectivity could hamper the Xbox One adoption. He also picked up on the used-game debacle:

[quote]This “always online” feature is terrible because people who live in Europe like us doesn’t always have a stable connection and so can’t always be online. Also the fact that you pay for a pre owned game and then have to pay Microsoft to play it on top is ridiculous. If you ask me Microsoft are thinking about their wallets more then the customer.[/quote]

Our penultimate opinion is from our founder, Paul Collett, who thought the overall announcement was disappointing:

[quote]Well, my initial  thoughts were that the console looks great, modern but with an 80’s Hi Fi vibe which was quite nice. The whole Kinect integration was also impressive at first but the lack of any demo’s of how it would work in games was disappointing.

The spec sounded good as well but nothing that we haven’t heard from the PS4 announcement. It was a worry that they spent too much time promoting all the TV extras the Xbox One can offer. It’s all about games surely. The sparse games that were on show were disappointing and inevitable. Not enough of Quantum Break was shown, as it stands no one has any idea what sort of game we’re expecting. Forza 5 looked OK but most racers on current generation look good.

Halo TV show was a surprise, but again very little information, and no matter how much you get Steven Spielberg to talk, if you don’t tell us what it is, we’re going to loose interest.

Call of Duty Ghosts was stonking to look at, no doubts there, but left me with more questions than answers as I’m worried It;s just going to be another CoD game.

All in all, it was a disappointing reveal, but they showed enough to make me really want to check out E3 to really find out about the Xbox One.[/quote]

Finally, and the most damning of the bunch, are my own thoughts.

[quote]What a train wreck. Will the eyes of the entire gaming world focused on them, Microsoft managed to fumble the ball and present an underwhelming product in a disjointed and confusing way. The Xbox One is supposed to be a games console. It should play games. Yes, I understand the Microsoft are a business and all of these other services they showed will make them money, but I am a gamer and tuned in to watch a new games console being announced. What I got instead was a new TiVo box, some pre-rendered footage of 2 exclusive games and solutions to “problems in the living room” that I did not know existed. I already watch TV. I am quite comfortable in the way I do it. Why Microsoft thought they needed to revolutionise the way we do this is beyond me.

The box is fugly. It looks like a black and grey Nuggat bar from the 80′s. The name is uninspiring. Who ever it was in Microsofts marketing team that came up with that name needs taking out back and shot. I much prefered “Xbox: Infinite” and even, dare I say it, Xbox 720.

I like the look of Rememdy’s new title, and Forza has always been a great franchise, but when EA took to the stage and showed off 4 sports titles, that will also be available on the PS4, it felt counter productive. “Look at these amazing games…that you will also be able to buy on our competitors console”. The same applies to Call of Duty, although Ghosts looks like the game to make me fall back in love with the series.

The confusion over used-games and always online after the reveal proves that Microsoft do not have a handle on their own message. They should have premted the questions that were going to get asked, and answered them honestly. Instead, they let the gaming media do its usual rumour riot and now the headlines read “Xbox One stops use of pre-owned games” instead of “Xbox One Announced, comes with cool TV features and great looking games”. Microsoft need to get their act together and pull something out of the bag at E3. Lets hope that the damage is not already done.[/quote]

Whats your opinion on the Xbox One? Where do you sit on the spectrum? Agree with one of us? Disagree with all of us? Lets have a debate in the comments section shall we?

Author: Sean Davies Managing Editor of HeyUGuys Gaming. Father. Husband. Plays games. Writes about them. A self confessed Sony fanboy.
  • Megaman

    LMFAO……Im happy Microsoft got that stuff out the way so they can focus on GAMES at E3…..SMART….Now for these dumb people out there that think Microsoft dosnt have any hardcore games they must of been living in the sea since 2001…..Before the Kinect lounched i was the only person playing my Xbox 360…Since the lounch my little sister my mom an my dad uses the Xbox 360….Hmmmmm i think microsoft pick up on something….my little sister dosnt give a dam about call of duty or gears of war or froza all tho she tries to play it….she cares about the stupid kinect games an some other kid games on there….my mom LOVES Kinect for those work out games an skype an movies aka Netflix…..My dad just loves call of duty now lol…If you are a GAMER then focus on the GAMES….Belive it or not there are people out there that dont like what you like an like what you hate….If what microsoft is doing right now is so bad then why is the 360 still selling so well???Hmmmm i wander….what system dose Call of duty sell more on???or what about Halo how much dose that sell???or Forza or even NBA 2K or NHL or most muilti Games???My point is The xbox will always have great games an if your a GAMER focus on that not the media TV KINECT Living room stuff as the people who care about that stuff dont care about your gears of war an call of duty or halo…Microsoft has enuff money to focus on everything the choose to an even tho they more then once said there showing GAMES at E3 yet u still CRY about not seeing GAMES…GO CRY about not seeing the PS4 YET….cause im more mad about that