Xbox 360 beats Wii, PS3 in UK – You win this round, Microsoft….

Xbox 360 takes over Wii as best selling console in the UK. 

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has overtaken the Wii has the biggest selling console this generation in the UK.

8.4 million systems have been sold on British shores, according to Chart-Track. It’s regularly beating the competition and will only be a matter of days before the Xbox 360 overtakes both the PS3 and the Wii.


It’s a way off being the best selling system of all time in the UK, with the PS2 holding that mantle. However, with Microsoft confirming that the Xbox 360 will still see plenty of growth over the next couple years, there’s every chance it will beat the 10 million+ units Sony’s second console pushed.

Bit of good news for Microsoft then, it’s about time eh?

Source [IGN]

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