Resident Evil: Revelations Review

Look, we have another Resident Evil game in the space of a year, this never happens! But as you are probably aware, this isn’t a brand new Resident Evil game, this is a fancy pants HD remake of the 3DS original and this is our Resident Evil: Revelations Review.

When Resident Evil: Revelations first appeared  back in 2012, it was a time when the recently released 3DS was screaming for a killer app, Capcom stepped up and delivered one of the finest Resident Evil games we’ve had in a fair while. Introducing new characters, enemies and set in a variety of spooky locations. It was great and just what the 3DS needed. But is it what console owners need as well?

Perhaps not, especially when you think that just a few months back we were given Resident Evil 6. A game that had it’s ups and downs, in trying to cater for those who loved the slow pace of Resi 4 and those who enjoyed the more shooty action of Resi 5 but never really delivering either. With Resident Evil: Revelations, you just have the one style of play, and that’s the slow-paced action from the magnificent Resident Evil 4, sure there is some shooty action but the very limited ammo make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand into an all out shooter. It really is a perfect fit between 4 and 5 which is a good thing as that’s just where the story takes place

I’ve practically given up trying to understand the plot of Resident Evil as a whole, but I’ll do my best. As mentioned the game is set between Resi 4 and 5 and depicts the events shortly after the formation of a the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) and it’s members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Long story short – Bio-terror attack, missing colleagues, bunch of monsters and a big boat, the SS Queen Zenobia to explore.

And so begins another Resident Evil game, and I say that with a heavy heart. As it is just Resident Evil, the same style of gameplay we’ve been playing pretty much since the first game. and it’s getting a very stale now.

So, expect more doors locked with Key Cards, green herbs, very little ammo to go in the same guns we’ve come to expect, and a variety of gruesome monsters to shoot at. It’s exactly the same thing  we’ve been playing since 1996! It’s tired and old and screaming, really loudly for a massive update.

What doesn’t help this game either is that it was originally for the 3DS, a console that, as we all know isn’t as mighty in power as your 360’s and PS3’s so the games levels are small and compact and are pretty much over before they even get going. Something that the 3DS can get away with but not the mighty consoles that sit under our telly. As a result you feel a little short-changed. Especially when they’re charging a massive £39.99 for the game.

I may be sounding like I’m pounding on this game a lot. I have to say that the game isn’t terrible by any stretch, it is a very good very playable Resident Evil game. The location of the SS Queen Zenobia is fantastic, and as far as HD remakes go this is a good one. The graphics, although a little texture-less are pretty good. If you don’t know what you’re looking at you would think it was an early Xbox game. It’s also nice to get back into the shooting shoes of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. And the new characters  Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat are not terrible either and fit nicely into the Resident Evil Universe.

There are also a few added features to help Capcom justify the cost, Infernal mode has been added if you want the ultimate challenge, a new enemy called the Wall Blister. Improved Raid Mode and support are other additions. If you remember those GameCube Resident Evil remakes, then this is this generation’s version of them.

Overall: What we have here is literally another Resident Evil game, the next chapter or the next episode, It’s very hard to call it a ‘new’ game. I found myself getting tired and bored very quickly of the going back and forth searching for a keycard. it’s too familiar for my liking and add in the fact that the levels are tiny compared to what we have been treated to in the past makes this even more disappointing. But if you are a fan of the Resident Evil games, and it’s familiar gameplay then you will find some short-lived fun out of this game. At £40 it will be expensive fun. If you’re a 3DS owner that has already played the game, there is nothing new here at all that would make you want to buy it again, unless you were desperate to play it on the big screen.Again it would be an expensive treat.

Resident Evil Revelations, looks good, plays good, and has some great moments in, something you have come to expect from a Resident Evil game. The enemy AI can be dodgy at times, and the dialogue and acting is as awful as ever. There is a nice ‘previously on’ cinematic at the start of each chapter which make it feel like a TV show. A nice touch, but not enough.

Capcom need to update the Resident Evil franchise from the ground up for the next generation else it will just be lost and forgotten.


Author: Paul Collett Founder of HeyUGuys Gaming. I love gaming and have been gaming since 1982 when my dad bought home the ZX Spectrum. I'm also a graphic designer and now it seems a writer. always best to keep your mind busy right?