The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds UK & US TV Ads

Nintendo has launched a new set of regional trailers for the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds as TV commercials which are set to be broadcasted in both the  UK and US.

  • UK Trailer:Watch as Link stumbles upon entering a new world filled with new enemies and allies awaiting him. As he travels, he comes across dungeons and entering houses in his adventure while possessing the ability to walk across walls. The commercial shows off Link’s gameplay in which the wall-traveling Link is able to navigate through dungeons with this new skill of his which could benefit players and bring a new view on completing dungeons.

  • US Trailer: This live-action trailer has a young boy navigating through a trap-filled path that leads to the Master Sword. Going down this path would not be simple as the floor is sealed away, but this boy has the power to merge into the wall as a painting and make it through. He later continue in dodging fire arrows until he makes his way through a thin crack in the wall as a painting where it is there that he claims the Master Sword.

Join Link in his latest quest on Nintendo 3DS/2DS for November 22, 2013.

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