iOS week: An introduction.

HeyUGuys Gaming is dedicating a week to iOS gaming. Don’t miss it.

Here at HeyUGuys Gaming we do like to share the wealth of gaming news, reviews, features with you all. It’s something we take great pleasure in doing and hearing back from you all regarding our work is humbling and appreciated.

Recently we’ve been asked by readers to focus more on smartphone/tablet gaming. Now, some hardcore gamers will scuff at this, as they consider the world of Temple Run, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope to be blasphemous when discussing true, popular games compared to their Starcrafts, Minecrafts, Warcrafts, Skyrims and Far Crys.

Of course, they just have to deal with the fact that mobile gaming is a true Goliath of the modern gaming universe we live in. For a quick five minute pick me up, you just simply can’t go wrong with titles you can buy from App Stores, Play Stores and more. Most significantly, these games are normally free. This is why the Apple App Store is the most popular digital download store in the world. This is why one hundred and twenty MILLION people are currently active on the iOS Game Centre. It’s a bewildering number and we simply can’t ignore it.

So, this week, we’re going mobile and looking at the monster which is iOS. We’re going to jump into the App Store and find the very best we can and review them for you to let you know what you should be buying out there, along with posting features about where we think the operating system is heading. We also will be reviewing the best iDevices so you can make an informed decision regarding what you think will best suit you.

So sit back and enjoy. Have anything you would like to contribute, please do let us know. We love hearing from our readers along with sharing their interests on the site. If you think you have something you can place into our iOS week, then do let us know.

Don’t worry, honourable Android users. Your time is coming next week, when the little green dude will be getting his own limelight. We’re fair and even like that, you see.

First up….


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