Top Ten in game vistas

We all like to have a wonder in games don’t we? I mean what other hobby do you know where you walk up to the most obscure corner of a level and keep walking against the wall to see if there is something hidden nearby? come on, admit it, we all do it.

But thankfully, there is a cure for this monotonous wall walking and that’s the good old open world sandbox games that are becoming more more regular on developers schedules. No longer are gamers confined to the  dark dank corridors from games of old, now we have entire worlds to explore so I thought it would be a good time, as we are nearing the end of the current generation cycle, to celebrate this freedom in gaming. Take a look at some of the views that are on offer and coo over that mountains we see in the distance, safe in the knowledge that there will be no invisible walls to get in our way. Here is the HeyuGuys Gaming top ten game vistas.


Ant Attack on the ZX Spectrum.

Ok so this isn’t strictly a free roaming sandbox game as such, but it deserves a special mention because of it’s huge levels (well back in 1984 it was huge) normally games were reserved to single screens but look at this little chap go on, and on and on. Plus this was the very first game I ever bought so there.

Author: Paul Collett Founder of HeyUGuys Gaming. I love gaming and have been gaming since 1982 when my dad bought home the ZX Spectrum. I'm also a graphic designer and now it seems a writer. always best to keep your mind busy right?
  • Steve

    I’d put Requiem in Halo 4 as my number one, the first time you see the sky in the second level was just amazing

    • Paul Collett

      I hate to admit it as a gamer but I have yet to play halo 4. Shocking I know. Now I have to! I’m sure it would slot in nicely in the top 20